Tuesday, November 30, 2010

~Wedding Design~

One of my favorite aspects about weddings is that the design options and elements are endless. There are no longer the same standards as there used to be, and brides now have the chance to really let their personalities shine through on their wedding day.

I think that using a thread of one element throughout the entire wedding is the best way to keep things together, without letting your creativity get out of control. Your one thread could be a thing, like feathers, or it could be a color, like green.

Using your designs subtly will really keep everything classy and elegant. If calla lilies are your flowers of choice, you can use them in everything, but the entire arrangements don't have to be calla lilies. It keeps the theme together by using them in everything, but it also keeps things interesting by adding other things in.

Here is an example of what just calla lily arrangements look like and what a mixture looks like. Don't get me wrong, calla lilies by themselves are beautiful! But if you want to subtly use your calla lily theme throughout the wedding, it is nice to mix in other elements, so that your theme doesn't look too redundant.

When using another design element, such as feathers, this can be done very tastefully as well. In my own wedding, I incorporated feathers because of my Erin Cole headpiece. My Favorite Things Florist in Williamsburg, VA used a minimal amount of feathers in my bouquet, as well as created a flower for my hubby with a tiny feather to keep things all tied together.

I hope this inspires you to get creative! Your options really are endless, and don't be afraid to try something to see if it will work, even if the initial thought sounds crazy!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tis' the Season for Engagements: Part 1

I love the Holidays... what's family and turkey without diamonds!? From Thanksgiving to New Years Eve more guys pop the question than in any other time of the year. With that being said, there's much to consider after saying yes!

Here's a few things to keep in mind (and keep you busy) before we all say thanks and slice the turkey.

What is most important to you and your groom to be?

For some people it's the details and others it's the open bar. The point is, it's completely up to you and your fiance. Knowing what is important will help you focus and stay on budget while planning. Believe me, it's so easy to want it all once you see what's out there.

What season do you want to get married in?

Spring, summer, fall or winter? There are so many different looks to a wedding and the best way to start is by determining the time of year.

What budget are you trying to stay in?

Budget is going to be the number one factor in determining everything. It doesn't mean you can't plan a fabulous wedding with a tighter budget, but it's definitely best to be honest with yourself (and your planner) from the beginning! You have to have a range at least or else you can go from a $30,000 to spending five times as much before you know it.

Make sure you keep a look out for part two of this post after the new year... more exciting tips will be posted on what to do first once you're engaged. Until then drink wine and eat pumpkin pie until your heart's content. After all, the wedding will most likely be a year away which gives you plenty of time to get in shape! Happy Thanksgiving friends!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

~Meet Leah~

Hello Beautiful Brides! My name is Leah Melone and I wanted to introduce myself and begin to tell you a little bit about my passion for weddings. I love sharing my wedding ideas and inspirations with brides and other wedding lovers. I am currently the Salon Coordinator at Solutions Bridal Designer House and I will also be blogging on a regular basis for Stylish Traditions.

I'm 23 years old and I got married to the love of my life on June 5, 2010. After receiving my degree in Public Relations and planning my wedding from start to finish, I knew that the wedding industry had to become part of my life. I had a vintage style wedding in Williamsburg, Virginia, and we had the time of our lives. I think every bride deserves to have an absolutely incredible time on their wedding day.

I bought my Rivini gown from Solutions before I began working there. I was completely in love with my gown. I found it on a trunk show weekend, and I made a few custom changes to make it unique to fit my personality.

My goal was to have a black and white wedding, with the addition of charcoal and green accents. The reception was held in a garden pavilion, complete with crystal trees, a candy bar, and nonstop dancing.

I feel better now that I have shown you a little bit about me and my personal wedding style. I love creating inspiration boards and offering my advice on any topics that you suggest! I look forward to being a part of the great things happening with Stylish Traditions. Thanks for reading!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bridesmaid Bargain

When brides ask me for advice on finding their wedding gown and choosing their bridesmaid dresses, I always recommend making an appointment at a fabulous bridal salon so they can work with experienced stylists who know the gowns best. Almost always do I suggest ordering the bridesmaid dresses from a salon where quality, size and delivery can be depended upon. However, for budget-friendly brides there are always exceptions!

Recently while in Miami I stumbled across the Adventura Mall and into Forever 21... stumbled as in I heard about how amazing this mall was and made it a priority to go! There on a rack were dozens of floor length, flowy blue dresses and immediately I thought, BRIDESMAID! For the ridiculous price of $32.80 sizes were offered from 0-14 making it a purchase your bridesmaids will love you for. I highly doubt the quality or sizing measures up to any dress ordered from a salon, but this option could be great for brides (and bridesmaids!) on a a serious bridal budget.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Badgley Mischka

In 1988 Mark Badgley and James Mischka became the design duo who have left their mark for decades for their stylish and glamorous designs. They have created designs that have been worn by several different Hollywood women such as Madonna, Catherine Zeta Jones, Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Garner, Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet, Taylor Swift, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Carrie Underwood. Their beautiful gowns and accessories have been worn by President's daughters, and by countless other women in society.

All of Badgley Mischka's designs are constructed from the finest fabrics and the best craftsmanship. The line is known for intricate and luxurious detailing.

Solutions Bridal Designer House carries Badgley Mischka bridal gowns and this weekend you won't want to miss the chance to see some of the luxurious designs in for the weekend. There is a Badgley Mischka trunk show taking place this weekend, that will include an exclusive designer discount, and a firsthand look at some of Badgley Mischka's finest gowns.

Don't miss out on your chance to experience one of America's "Top 10 American Designers," as described by Vogue magazine. It will be great fun!

~Solutions Bridal

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Your Inner Bride

Every bride has a look they have in mind for their long walk down the aisle. Whether it be soft and romantic or fun and quirky, The Knot has created this super cool tool brides can use to create their, "inner bride". With customizable settings such as eye color, hair style and of course bridal gown and accessories, the options are endless!

Even though I'm not engaged I couldn't resist logging on and creating an avatar of my own! This is what I came up with...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bridal Shoes

Okay, so you have the dress, you have the awesome hair piece, you have your beautiful jewelry, what comes next? Some brides don't think about their shoes until everything else is taken care of, but your bridal shoes are very important. You don't want to skimp on your shoes. It is so important to not only find cute shoes, but you should consider comfort as well. You don't want your feet screaming at you on your wedding day.

At Solutions Bridal Designer House, we have plenty of choices for bridal shoes. We have incredible shoes made by Angela Nuran, that are not only super cute, they are amazingly comfortable too! We have endless options from Grace Shoes, Grazia, Touch Ups, and more. We also have some amazingly stylish shoes by Badgley Mischka.


~Solutions Bridal

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Who Should You Bring To Your Bridal Appointment?

No bride wants to feel the stress that the bride pictured above is showing. Your wedding and all of the planning should be a fun process. It wouldn't be realistic to say that the whole process should be stress free, but there are parts of the process that you should just enjoy!

Picking out your wedding gown should be one of the most exciting and fun experiences in the whole wedding planning process. A lot of brides struggle with trying to figure out who to bring to their bridal appointments. Brides sometimes want to bring all of their close girlfriends in order to include everyone and get all of her best friends opinions. Other brides, feel obligated to bring along several opinions, but in reality they want the dress they want!

My best advice for who you should bring to your bridal appointment is the person who you are absolutely closest to. Whether is be your mom, your best friend, your sibling, or whoever, bring the person that you love and trust the most.

If you feel like you need more than just mom or best friends advice or opinion, bring along a few of your best friends. At Solutions Bridal, we love when our brides come with just mom and a close friend. That way, each bride has the chance to get pampered and pick the gown that SHE truly loves and feels amazing in.

As a bride, if you feel like you need to bring more of your friends along, that is completely fine, just be sure that you know that ultimately, your choice is what matters! Be confident and know that your bridal appointment should be a super fun and exciting time. Don't let anyone else take that from you!

~Solutions Bridal