Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Keeping Guests Cool at an Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding on a hot spring or summer day can be brutal for guests. There are so many great ways to keep guests cool as they wait for the ceremony to begin as well as during the ceremony.

A cool way to keep guests from melting in the heat is a snow cone station by the sign in table where guests can receive a refreshing snow cone. Of course other alternatives include: lemonade, water or sweet tea. Another fun idea is to have cute wedding fans at each chair in the ceremony. These can have a picture of the bride and groom or the program printed on them.

If it fits it well with the theme, a wedding parasol or umbrella could keep guests shaded from the sun. However, this could get troublesome during the ceremony as it could obstruct the view of some guests. Placing frozen water bottles under each chair in the ceremony space labeled with a monogram is another great idea to keep guests cool. Being in the sun, these bottles will melt by the time guests arrive and still be cool enough to be refreshing for guests and it’s yet another way to integrate a cute picture of the bride and groom or monogram.

These are all cute ways to keep guests cool while seamlessly incorporating it into the wedding. Enjoy!