Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Greek sorority or fraternity wedding!

With the recent wedding we did for one of my sorority sisters Megan, we wanted to share different ways someone can go about recognizing their Greek affiliation at a wedding!

First- You can wear your pin on or under your dress, and your fiancée can do the same on or under his suit!

Second- You could carry an entire bouquet of your flowers or if you would rather, you can just work one of the flowers into the bouquet.

Third- If your sisters are your bridesmaids they too can have one or many of that special flower in their bouquet.

Forth- Depending on how well the sorority or fraternities colors match you can try to incorporate them into the color scheme of the wedding. For Example- bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen ties, or tablecloths.

Fifth- If your Greek affiliation had any readings that were read during initiation, or at chapter you can have someone read this at your ceremony.

Last, but not least- The songs! We all have plenty of songs and chats we have learned and some even specifically for a wedding. Have a chair in the middle of the dance floor for you to sit in, and have your sisters or brothers honor your day with one of the songs.

Hope you have enjoyed! Have a great weekend!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Honeymoon Registry

Thinking about wedding registration, but already live with your fiancĂ© and have all the appliances you need? Here is another option, register with Traveler’s Joy or Honeyfund!

Both are websites that allow guests to help pay for a piece of your honeymoon. If experiences are more important than items to you then you should consider it!

With more couples living together before they get married and the average age of people getting married rising the use for household items has gone down.

Asking people to help pay for a couples massage on the beach, or parasailing during the day is a fun exciting thing to think about. Have people help you get to the places you cannot on your own.

Registering at home good stores and at a honeymoon fund website is also possible in case you want to give people the option of one or the other.