Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How To Make Your Dress Uniquely You

More often than not, I have seen that when a girl gets engaged, she typically has other friends who are engaged too or friends who are already married. With this being said, I get the feeling that these girls probably really want their wedding to be unique to who they are and different than their friends.

There are so many ways to make your wedding your very own. From picking the floral arrangements, the cake flavors, and deciding on favors, you can really make your wedding unique. The thing that we find most important is making our brides feel special in their gown. Of course there are gowns that have been worn by many other brides, but that doesn't mean that it can't look completely different from one bride to the next.

At Solutions Bridal Designer House, we make it our job to help each bride feel beautiful and we do our best to help them create the wedding look they really want. In a single day, we could have two brides walk in and buy the same gown, but the things that we add to each dress will be different based on the bride.

Some girls may love all lace wedding gowns. If two girls buy the same Rivini lace gown, we may put a beautiful beaded belt on one girl who really wants something extra, but on the other girl we may put a beautiful feather headpiece in her hair that fits her style.

Based on my own experience, I know that girls don't want to feel like they are copying their friends ideas or doing anything that resembles what someone else did. My greatest advice when dress shopping is to know that no matter what, each bride will positively look different in each dress. Don't be afraid to add something extra or do a custom change in order to make your gown unique to who you are!

~Solutions Bridal

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bridal Wedges

I'm such a shoe girl, believe me! But finding the perfect pair for your big day can be a daunting task if the setting is on the beach or in the grass. A happy medium? Wedges. Here are a few pairs I would wear down the aisle:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Tradition of the Veil

Wedding veils are typically a big part of most weddings. A lot of brides wear a veil because they love incorporating more into their overall look, but what some brides may not know is the tradition behind the veil. I have read article after article about wedding traditions and how to incorporate old traditions in a now-a-day wedding. The veil is the perfect accessory for adding an old tradition to your wedding.

The veil dates back to ancient Greeks and Romans. Due to the fact that grooms were fearful of evil spirits and demons, they had their brides cover themselves to protect them from these evil spirits. The Roman brides often wore all red veils to keep away the evil spirits. Because brides could not see through these brightly colored veils, the white veils were created.

For arranged marriages, the veil was used to shield the bride's face from her groom-to-be until he lifted the veil and they were married.

The tradition of the veil has continued and changed over the years. The veil went from being used for protection to being used as a sign of chastity and submission of women. Lace veils were an American created tradition, which I find very interesting and fun!

Today veils are worn mostly as an accessory for the bride and to keep with the tradition that has carried on for centuries. There are many options for veils such as, blushers, fingertip, elbow, cathedral, and chapel length veils. There is also a mantilla veil with a big band of lace going all the way around it which is a big Spanish tradition. The picture above is an Erin Cole blusher veil.

We love helping our brides find the perfect veil to complete their overall wedding day look! At Solutions Bridal we have all sorts of beautiful veils that will help you create your look and carry on tradition!

~Solutions Bridal

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Engagements are fabulous! Think about it... not only do most girls hear those special words, "Will you marry me?" and hear a laundry list of why their guy loves them, but you actually get to walk away with a beautiful (and hopefully just your style) diamond ring. What could be better!? Here are some style I love and think will look stunning on any bride to be and some tips (hint, hint boys!) on where to buy:

1.) David Yurman. Who isn't in love with their chunky settings and cable design? Bet you didn't know they have a bridal line... love!

2.) Etsy. Homemade goodness. Etsy is one of the reasons I don't get enough sleep... girls if you don't already shop Etsy then I'm sorry ahead of time for any late nights you may have :)

3.) Sams Club. I LOVE a good deal... and Sam's Club has fab rings at fab prices.

4.) Blue Nile. Custom is always a good idea for any girl that has a unique style and is far from ordinary. Here you can choose the setting, the stone, and voila!

I would love to see pictures of your engagement rings and hear how he popped the question. Not engaged yet? No problem! Girls always know what they want when it comes to diamonds... send me a picture of your dream engagement ring to

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Vintage Wedding Look

There are so many aspects that go into the planning and overall look for a wedding. When brides first begin the planning process, I think it's so important to decide on an overall theme or look that you would like to see for your wedding. Often times, brides go for a certain look, but they need help with ideas on how to incorporate their theme throughout all aspects of the wedding.

My very favorite wedding style and theme is vintage. I love anything and everything vintage. So how do you achieve a vintage wedding look? It's important to find the perfect starting point for you. Some brides may want to decide on their venue first, while others might want to pick their dress out first! There is no right or wrong way to go, just do whatever works best for you and go from there.

If I were choosing my venue first for a vintage wedding, I would check out all of the available venues in the area, and then I would pinpoint which one really could help support your vintage theme. For instance, if I had the choice between a big ballroom in a hotel, or a garden pavilion, I would choose the garden pavilion to help pull off my vintage look. The natural look and greenery of a garden pavilion can really help add a vintage look to your wedding.

Next I would find my perfect dress. For my own vintage style wedding, I found an amazing Rivini dress at Solutions Bridal. The gown was a tiered, full lace gown, with beautiful bead work. It screamed vintage to me because it was ivory lace and so classic and elegant. At the same time, the bead work really added some extra pizazz. When I chose my dress, I picked my veil at the same time, and my veil really created the overall vintage look for me. I wore a beautiful cage veil with a feathery flower on it and it was perfect for my look.

Next I would choose the rest of the colors for your wedding. To me, I think of pale pinks and ivory as perfect vintage colors. The classic black and white is perfect for a vintage themed wedding as well.

For the smaller details, such as favors, think vintage when picking them out. Maybe some pocket mirrors, or silk fans, or something along those lines. You want to make sure your cake, your table linens, your jewelry, your EVERYTHING! follows suit. I think you can get really creative with the vintage theme.

My best advice is to decide where you want to start, and don't be afraid to really take your vintage theme to the extreme. I would choose the perfect vintage dress and then go from there. The brides dress really sets the tone for the whole wedding. Don't be afraid to splurge and have some fun! Come see us at Solutions Bridal! We would love to help you create your vintage bridal look ;)

~Solutions Bridal

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Football Season & Fall Weddings

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Every year since my days of planning sorority functions I come across the same situation... keeping the guys interested in the event (and away from the hotel bar) 0n game day. I understand that not all brides are aware of sporting event schedules... believe me, I'm usually more interested in what cute outfit I found to match the colors than the actual game... but there are a few things to consider when planning your Autumn wedding.

1.) Did you and/or your fiance attend a big football school? Chances are if you're UF, Aburn, LSU, Alabama, or UGA Alum you're going to have to check the football schedule in advance, plain and simple. These big football schools have big football fans and those fans are most likely your guests! FYI- game days are top priority in the South and some might even find it offensive to plan a wedding on FL/GA weekend

2.) Are your friends and family members NFL fanatics? Plan accordingly! Even though most games aren't until 1pm on Sunday if their traveling from out of town it may become an issue.

3.) If you can't beat them, join them! Set up a flat screen tv near the center of the action at your reception. It may seem crazy but it beats half of your guests on their phones the whole time getting score updates!

Again, these are just some tips to consider and please note that these are situations I have come across as I live in the Southeast. All the Canadian brides out there can adjust to content to hockey season :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Discovering Your Bridal Style in the Sea of White by Tali Gallo

When you first get engaged, the natural thing to do is for every newly-wed friend to hand over their collection of bridal magazines. On top of that, it’s pretty much impossible to pass by the grocery aisle without picking up The Knot, Get Married, Grace Ormond, Brides, Modern Bridal, and all the other mags filled with inspiration. Next you go home, sit on the sofa, and start flipping. You have your pink bridal book filled with magazine clippings under tabs like “Floral”, “Color”, “Bridesmaids”, and of course “Dresses.”

From there, you find your stopping point. The wedding world is filled with ideas, so many ideas you might feel lost on blogs, magazines, websites, and shows like “Say Yes to the Dress.”How do you discover what style you want on your wedding day in the sea of white?

Here are my insider tips as the Director of Solutions Bridal:

1. Stay true to your style. If you are a Banana Republic girl then look at wedding dresses by Watters Bridal. If you are the boutique girl, look into bridal gowns like Kenneth Pool and Rivini where you can customize the dress to have a one-of-a-kind look.

2. Shop with the Girls. Chances are your friends appreciate your style more than your mom does. Bring them with you. Not all of them or else your opinion will be pushed to the side lines.

3. Bring your favorite editorial clipping to your Bridal Appointment. Don’t be upset if you don’t end up loving the gown you drooled over in the magazine, it’s just an inspiration ice breaker.

4. Try on three different looks. One ballgown, one mermaid, one a-line. Once you know the fit, start looking at the detailing.

5. Trust your Stylist. At Solutions Bridal all the stylist are trained by professionals in the industry, tour wedding venues, talk daily to designers, attend Bridal Market and other events. They have seen every dress on every different body, if not they have tried it on themselves for examination. Chances are the first dress will be your gown, because they picked it to go first. Not everything is coincidence.

6. The accessories are where your vision comes together. Bridal gowns are like a blank canvas. Let’s say your theme is Vintage. Instead of wearing a gown from the 1920s that is falling apart, find a dress that fits your body. From there, add to your “white canvas” by applying a French net veil with a broach and a detachable belt with soft, feathery detailing. Chances are there is another bride out there somewhere wearing your gown, but it’s pretty much impossible for that bride to pick out the same accessories.

7. Don’t go on Bridal Beauty Overload. A classic mistake is overdoing the bridal hair and make-up. If you never wear your hair up, don’t wear it up. Your fiancĂ© needs to know it’s you coming down the aisle. Don’t wear so much make-up that you look back in pictures and say “What was I thinking!”

8. Always remember this fashion world secret: Fashion is trendy, but style is timeless!

9. Take Risks. If you don’t try the crazy looking editorial hair piece, than you really don’t know if you don’t like it. By taking risks, you could be very pleasantly surprised and WOWED.

10. Be Confident. Once you decide on what look is for you, wear it! You will grow a deep love for your bridal style throughout your engagement as you find your hair stylist and pick complementary bridesmaid dresses. Can’t go wrong!

Behind the scenes editorial shoot from Central Florida Bride's Magazine. Courtesy of Caroline Johnson. Check out Caroline's blog here!