Thursday, March 25, 2010

Miami Style

On a recent weekend trip to South Beach I saw wedding inspiration everywhere! The stylish hotel decor and the historic art deco buildings were absolutely beautiful and gave me great ideas for new tablescapes and seating arrangements. Here's a picture I took of some decor in the hotel:

The Palms Hotel and Spa in South Beach

I thought this concept would work great as a centerpiece for any event. Several orchid blooms on a piece of rustic driftwood look natural yet still elegant enough to use indoors.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Brand Spanking New

So many changes in the wedding world! Not only did Room Service and AFR recently merge, (did I mention I'm the Tampa rep for the ever-so-fabulous furniture and decor rental company?!) but now news just broke about Solutions Bridal in Winter Park, FL. In addition to a new blog and a new website, Solutions will be opening a new designer bridal salon in Orlando, FL. How exciting right!? Already filled with beautiful gowns and accessories, there will now be more gowns and more sparkle than ever. Keep an eye out for my weekly post on their blog and make sure to stay tuned for the grand opening.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I am a self proclaimed sugar addict. So when it comes to wedding cake, I am allll about it! I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with Chef Michael of Let Them Eat Cake a few weeks ago. What an experience! He and his staff showed me the time of my life filled with nothing but sugar.

Every bride will experience a personal and unique cake consultation at Let Them Eat Cake as Chef Michael welcomes everyone into his home, his kitchen. The consultation takes place behind the scenes where you will walk out somewhat of a cake expert with a sketch of your future wedding cake.

One of their best advantages is their excellent butter cream skills. I've seen a LOT of wedding cakes and I couldn't even tell the difference between some of their butter cream and fondant cakes. They also specialize in creating completely edible cake toppers made from chocolate. Did I mention some are complimentary!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I'm ALWAYS on wedding blogs reading about what brides are up to around the country. Some I read for informative content, some just because they have super cute pictures. This blog in particular I couldn't pass on sharing: Inspired by This is written by two sisters who own a PR firm in LA for people in the wedding biz. I love this blog! Not only are they on top of current trends and recognize the importance of hiring a wedding planner, but they provide helpful tips every Tuesday for wedding professionals. Here is a tip for every bride... read on!

Monday, March 1, 2010

More Than Just Pintuck & Satin

Recently I met with Stacey Waters from Connie Duglin to familiarize myself with some of their new collections. So cute!!! Linens have come a long way from two or three traditional choices. Connie Duglin offers a variety of detailed and unique linens for any type of event. A sexy bachelorette party coming up? Gatsby in lollipop is a flirty option that reminds me of avant-garde flappers in the 20's. A lovely shower and with family and friends? Ribbon Taffeta in apple and azalea is a sweet, girly linen I can see at a brunch. All in all the linens are really cute and really fresh. No more satin for me, Confetti will be at my next birthday!

Connie Duglin "Metro" linens shown for an event at the Centre Club in Tampa, FL.