Thursday, September 29, 2011

Saying Hello!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Erin Quirk, and I am working as an intern with Stylish Traditions this semester! I am originally from Boston, Mass, but go to school here in Tampa at the University of Tampa.

In the past I have actually done three other event planning internships, but all in the corporate world! I am super excited to be working with Heather and Stylish Traditions this fall. Wedding and Event planning in my goal after college.

Here is an inspiration board I put together with the things I love! I look forward to meeting and working with you all!

Who said you have to wear white?!

White, off-white, ivory, eggshell….it is a tradition in today’s society to wear shades of white on your wedding day. But where did this come from??

This tradition started way back to Queen Victoria’s marriage to Albert de Saxe in 1840 and ever since then it has been customary to wear a white dress on your wedding day. In the Victorian Era, white fabric was very expensive so it was only chosen by royalty or the wealthy to represent elegance and class. Today, it is believed that white is supposed to represent purity and symbolize virginity which was not its original intention.

Wedding dress traditions stem from all over depending on religion and culture. Nowadays, it is not as important to abide by the early traditions of ones society or customs. Dresses can be long, short...simple, extravagant...or red, blue or yellow! A lot of designers have a variety of wedding gowns in any color imaginable. It’s your wedding, so make it unique to you!


I recently participated in a wedding where bride wore yellow and the bridesmaids wore white…how creative!

Brad and Ashley Pease June 4, 2011

Wedding dresses have always represented the popular styles of the day. There will always be new trends when it comes to your wedding day, but remember- it’s your day so wear was makes you look and feel beautiful!