Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fun Guest Book Alternatives

There are so many alternatives to the traditional guest book. There are many alternatives that leave room for more engagement from guests. Here are some fun ideas …

• A simple blank scrapbook and a Polaroid camera where guests can take pictures and write a little message on the page along with the pictures.
• Guest book puzzle of a picture of the bride and groom, where guests can sign on the back of each puzzle piece.
• Engagement picture sign-in board (or caricature or poster).
• Have guests type a little message to the bride and groom on a typewriter!
• A basket of wishing stones that the guests can choose from and write a nice little wish to the happy couple.
• Keys to a happy marriage guest book: Keys with a note card attached, where guests can write a little “key to a happy marriage.”
• Wedding Mad Libs!
• Vinyl record as a guest book.
• Have your guests sign on a cool guitar!
• Wishing tree guest book.
• Have guests sign on a block of Jenga!
• A guest book composed of vintage post cards.
• Tip Jar with “tips” to a happy marriage.

No matter what kind of guest book you choose, it’s always nice to have little nuggets of wisdom or funny messages from guests to look back fondly on the wedding day!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Out of Town Guests

Having a lot of out of town guests? If you’re feeling the pressure to be a great hostess and a bride all at once, a great way to welcome them is an out of town welcome bag. It’s a thoughtful bag that you can easily fill with brochures to the local attractions, gift cards to local stores or restaurants, and little favors like sunscreen or flip-flops are popular items for an out of town wedding bag. This will keep your guests happy and entertained in the days they are in town.

Also, to keep out of town guests in the loop with what’s going on, timelines can be helpful. It usually includes a basic idea of what time everything important begins and a thoughtful message thanking them for coming. This can be in their hotel room along with a welcome bag.

Your out of town guests will feel welcome and included and you might even learn a little something about the area. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nice to Meet You...

Hello everyone! My name is Mariel Matos and I am an intern with Stylish Traditions this semester. I grew up in Puerto Rico and went to high school in Satellite Beach, Florida. Currently, I attend the University of South Florida in Tampa. Go Bulls!

I don't have much experience in event planning, but that is what I hope to get out of this experience. I am so excited to learn from the Stylish Traditions family, I'm sure I'll enjoy every minute of it! I hope to work in wedding and event planning in the future. So, here is an inspiration board I put together; kind of like a snapshot of things I love. Hope you like it!